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contract termination without consent

Vodafone Hotline Agent terminated my contract without my consent and I lost all my financial benefits!


  • I have made my first application online via on 18.12.2020. I can share my order number for if needed for you to follow up with them for me not to lose their benefits.
  • My contract has started on 20.12.2020. I can provide my customer number and contract number via Direct Message
  • I started using my Internet on 20.12.2020, but when I made speedtest several times, with several laptops and with Cat-6 Ethernet cable connection, I was able to get max 220 Mbps speed. I worked with Telco operators, ISP’s when I was at a Network company, so I have a good know-how and technical background about routers and network environment. I know how to make a stable test. I opened a ticket and the technician came on 24.12.2020. They did not check the issue in my apartment. They just checked the main box of the house and told that they have fixed  the signal problem. Afterwards we checked my speed with them and it was max 110 Mbps. It got worse, the technician just advised me to wait for 1 hour and then it will be ok he said. I was sure it would not work and it did not.
  • I set another technical appointment on 26.12.2020 night (as far as I remember the date & time) by calling the hotline, for 31.12.2020. I also wanted to learn the exact start date of my contract to understand what is the deadline for me to terminate my contract (I have the right to terminate within the first 14 days). I got the information from the hotline agent and highlighted him NOT TO terminate my contract yet. First I wanted the technician to visit again, if they cannot resolve, I would terminate. He said OK.
  • Starting from 29.12.2020 I noticed that I had no access to Internet any more, it was asking me register my router. When I checked with the hotline, they said they could not see an active contract for my name and apartment and the only thing they said was “we do not know why”, which was quite annoying.
  • The technician arrived on  30.12.2020, instead of 31.12, to check the low speed issue. When he came he saw that there is no Internet and we called the hotline and activated the line again (they said it will be activated with the same prices, no connection/activation fee etc.). The technician could not check the speed issue as there was no Internet and we agreed to open a new ticket if the problem continues even after the new activation.
  • I sent an e-mail to Vodafone on 31.12.2020 about the contract issue and they replied me back, telling me that I have asked to terminate the contract. But I did not ask any termination! you can listen to all hotline records made through my mobile number: (I can share in private message for you to track)
  • Here are the two major problems that I currently have:
  1. I still get maximum of 125 Mbps even with cable connection. When I wanted to open a new ticket for a technician I could hardly reach out to a English speaking agent (do you have a hotline which provides support in English?). The agent said she will not be sending a technician because she was thinking it was a problem with my computer. I test with several computers, no network traffic, no firewalls and always with cable, so it is obvious there is a problem with  the line itself or the Router. But she refused to send a technician. I need this speed problem to be resolved, if I am paying for 1000 Mbps. The customer satisfaction is frustrating, sorry.
  2. I was told that the previous contract number would be kept but it is not. They set a new contract on phone, that caused.

i) I lost my Check 24 advantages, because the contract I set via them is terminated, without my consent! (50 EUR Voucher, 190 EUR Check24 Cashback)

ii) I lost my Vodafone online application discount (170 EUR), because they say it was only valid for online applications.

Looking forward to your solution and feedback in short time.

What should be the action items for the financial loss?

-When Check24 contacts with you for confirmation, will you approve that I am using your service?

-I do not want to lose the 170 EUR Vodafone online application discount. Can you reflect that discount to my current contract? If not, should I apply for a new contract online? If so, can you help me to benefit, because I think it has the prerequisite for not having an active contract in the last 3 months? I do not want Vodafone call center agent's big mistake to cause this much loss.

-What if I cancel my contract (which was active on 30.12.2020)? How much will I need to pay?


Vodafone Service twitter account insists on not providing me responses for these questions!


Best Regards,

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