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Technician no show, no email

I signed up for Red Internet&Phone 50 DSL at the beginning of June and finally got an appointment with the technician on the 21st. But the technician didn't show up and leave no notes or information. I have tried to call customer service multiple times. Due to my limited German, I was pushed from one representative to another one without telling me what is wrong or what can be done. So I come to the forum to looking for guidance and hope moderators can help me with the problem.


Thanks in advance

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Hi chuckhan66,


welcome to the Vodafone Community!


I will have a look into this. Just send me a private message (click on my avatar -> Diesem Benutzer eine private Nachricht senden)


I need your name, your customer number, your customer password and a mobile phone number.




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FC1 Smart-Analyzer

Hi chuckhan66,


I have exactly the same problems and it happened twice already.


Technician no show, and they always said about same excuse there was nobody home. 


It's been almost a month with the bills running and no internet connection for me. 


I feel your pain man..


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