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Einschränkung bei Telefonie & Daten im Raum München

Einschränkungen bei Mobilfunkdiensten.

Es gibt aktuell leider Störungen im Mobilfunkbereich unter 2G, 3G und 4G. (Region München, Dachau, Oberschleißheim, Unterföhring, Ismaning).


Nähere Informationen dazu findet ihr im Eilmeldungsboard.


Close announcement


Received two contracts in place of one

I had requested a connection from the 500Mbits connection offer and had received one a week back with the kundennummer ***. It worked for a few days and then stopped asking for some activation code. The one provided with the router had been used earlier and wasnt accepted again. Today I received another package from vodafone with router and gigatv in it. I didnt order any such thing, The kundenummer on it says ***. I am not even sure which one is activce and which not. I cannot afford both the connections. I tried asking the customer support number provided on the contract and they tell me that the new one doesnt belong to me and I am confused what i am supposed to do. Please help me out.


Edit: Customer id deleted for data protection.

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Hi NibelungenStr,


i will have look what is happend. Please send me an private message with customer ID, name and adress.





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