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Moving abroad - cancelling contract

Dear Vodafone team,


I will be moving to Sweden in middle of February 2019. I will hence need to cancel my internet contract (DSL).


I tried finding which forms i need to fill in for this but as everything is in german i am a but lost.


Could you please advise?

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Now wouldn't it be ever so fantastic if this board offered a search feature, allowing you to find the (literally!) dozens of threads in English and covering this very topic?



In a nutshell:


  • Send a written and signed cancellation to Vodafone.
  • State that you will be leaving the country at date XY.
  • Provide Vodafone with proof of your leaving the country (Abmeldebescheinigung) as soon as possible.
  • Return all and any rental hardware in due time.
  • Be prepared to pay the monthly fee for the three months following the date of (premature) cancellation.



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Thanks for your reply.


Which adress shall I send this letter to? To which department?


To where shall return the hardware? Which adress?

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Hi Ludde,


welcome to our community. Smiley (fröhlich)


You can send uns your documents either via mail to:


Vodafone GmbH

40875 Ratingen


or via Fax: 02102986575


or online:


You'll receive our confirmation then and we also send you the return receipt with the correct address. If you want to send us the devices back before the contract ends, you need a special permission letter because otherwise our logistic centre will decline the presumption. If that's your wish you need to write it in your cancellation letter.




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