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Moving DSL connection to new apartment


Hello, we are moving apartment to a different area of Berlin and want to move our interent connection with us. How can we get this set up? 

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Hi LiamRayman,


I can help you. Smiley (fröhlich)


As a DSL customer I need the following data.


1. Your new address.

2. If you imagine from the street where your entrance door is. Is that directly on the street, in the back building or side wing?

3. Where is your apartment - seen from the front door? Floor, left, middle or right?

4. Where is the first telephone socket in your apartment? (hallway, living room, study etc.)

5. When do you need your connection?

6. Do you have your previous tenant's name and telephone number at hand? (This way we can inform the Telekom immediately and a technician may not be necessary.)


You still have 2 possibilities concerning your contractual relationship.


1. You keep everything as it is also your term. Then the removal costs once 39.99 Euro. Of course everything must be available at your new address. I check this in advance for you. If it is not available, you can cancel the contract prematurely.

2. If you agree to a new running time of 24 months the landline switch is free of charge.


Simply send me the data via private message. If I have any questions, I'll come back to you.


Best regards,



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