How can I cancel my Internet and TV services?
Kabel Deutschland is awful! I have had enough and don't want anything to do with this company anymore. I bought 100MBs internet and ended up receiving less than 2MBs for several months. I tried calling customer service (multiple times over these months) but couldn't get an English speaker, which is strange because when I was signing up, the other guy on the phone spoke perfect English!! Now that I needed help, all of a sudden no one spoke English!

I finally just recently managed to get someone who speaks English but to my utter dismay, he said I cannot cancel my contract because I had exceeded the grace period and have to wait for another year to cancel. After going back and forth with the man on phone, I ended up reducing my internet to the 25MBs package. I was so frustrated I forgot to ask if I could cancel at least the TV.

Well internet speeds improved to 6MBs, then dropped to the usual < 2MBs (sometimes < 1MBs) a week later. Tried calling customer service and we are back again to the no one speaks English routine.

So I am reaching out to anyone out there who knows how I can cancel my services. I am being robbed by this company and I need a way out.


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Geschlossen wegen Doppelposting. Hier geht es weiter.

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