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English support


I am a Vodafone DSL user and i moved to another city recently, but still in Germany. My German is really poor. 

I  was told from the webpage that i have to call the service hotline. Unfortunately they speaks only German. 

The most difficult barrier is to pass the robot, who always speaks German and after a while, hang up. 

I have prompted by some German speaking agents on the phone who instructed me to speak to the robot either the keyword "service" or "operator" or simply nothing and the line will be transferred to a English service center, but actually, non of them works. It is really frustrating because even when i sometimes luckily pass the robot, the crew refused to speak any English and i have already report my contract number to them for around 20 times. 


Therefore, this mail is my last hope, I simply want to move the address of my contract. 

The technical team has already confirmed (yes they speak English) that my new home is available to continue my old contract, but they simply cannot transfer my phone call or tell me direct the number to to the English service center (if it exist...). They insist i have to face the robot that always hang up my call.  


If someone from Vodafone could see this mail and help, i will be very appreciated. 

Thank you very much. 

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Full Metal User
Hi James86,
you have come to the right place, but this is first of all not a live Chat, your post will probably be moved to Internet/Phone über DSL, and you will have to wait untill a moderator from the community Team will contact you here and they will then try and help you.
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Hi james86,


you can order the relocation of your DSL connection in your MeinVodafone account or just send me a private message (click on my avatar -> Diesem Benutzer eine private Nachricht senden)


I need


  • Your name
  • Your customer number
  • Your customer password
  • Your mobile Phone number
  • Your new address
  • The exact location of your phone socket (e.g. apartment house, 2nd floor, right (as seen from the street, when you stand in front of the house))
  • Name and fixed phone number of the previous tenant (in your new flat/house)





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