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Cancellation of internet contract

In November 2017, I visited the Vofanoe shop in Stuttgart where I had singed my internet contract and informed them that since I'm moving to an apartment with internet connection already installed, I would like to cancel my contract with Vodafone. And I know that by law in Germany they are obliged to do that if the new place has internet already installed. I showed them my rental contract and they wrote a cancellation letter and sent it back to Vodafone. I had to go back and forth to their office several times to see if anything happened. Every time the staff called the hotline, and I never got a clear answer to know whether they are processing my case, or if they have already done the calcellation or what. And now after several months, I have got a letter from infoscore Forderungsmanagement GmbH that I have a due payment of 356 EUR. to Vodafone. Afer visiting the Vodafone shop yet another time, this time the hotline was slightly more helpful and told us that you have applied for cancellation of a contract with a wrong number! My contract number ends in 12, while Vodafone has registered it in their own system with a number that ends in 13. How could I have known this? Why all those previous persons at the hotline never bothered to point this out earlier? Why should Vodafone register my contract with a number that is different than what I have on my papers? I now have a written declaration from Vodafone that this is due to a mistake in their system, which is of course not the customer's responsibility whatsoever. And I still have not got a single notice from Vodafone to know at least what is going on with the process. They do not even bother to reach their customer and inform them about the status. ANYBODY READING THIS, DO NOT BUY ANY SERVICE FROM Vodafone. The moment you sign a contract with them, you are in trouble. There's no one to even answer you properly. Extremely unhelpful staff, extremely non-functioning customer service. Not only am I not going to pay the money I am not responsible for, I am going to prosecute Vodafone for the amount of time I had to spend on this because of their own mistake and malfunctioning system.

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Hi Soltani,


welcome to the Vodafone Community!


If there is an active connection at the new address this is not a reason for an early termination of the contract.


The law says as long as the connection (bandwidth and connection type) is theoretically available the contract will be relocated to the new address. You can order a relocation via our hotline, our shops or in MeinVodafone.


If it is not available the contract can be cancelled after 3 months.


So regarding to your description the contract ends after the regular contract period.


In order to cancel the contract we need a letter, fax or e-mail with your customer number and you mentioning that you want to end the contract.


If the case has been given to the collection agency you will have to contact them. You will find their contact data on the e-mail or letter that they have sent to you.


If you already contacted us via phone or e-mail, please wait for my colleagues answer.




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