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Cancellation of contract



I have been a customer of Vodafone for the past two years as I came here to do my Master's degree. I will be moving out of Germany in a couple of months as I will graduate soon, and I want to cancel my DSL 16 contract (it it till 1st November 201. I submitted the form around two weeks ago about cancelling the contract through the online portal but I never got the response. Today is the day when I have to cancel the contract the latest in order for it not to prolong but I still don't know whether my order of cancellation was received. I would go to the Vodafone store in order to find out but I am currently away from Germany.

Could you please let me know if my cancellation was received, and if not, what can I do cancel it properly?

Best wishes,

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Hey OliwiaKopinska,

i whish you all the best for your final exams.

If you've already sent a cancellationletter in time - delays on our side won't effect the cancellationdate.

Send me a private message with your customernumber, password & the desired cancellation date.

I will have a closer look & end the contract.

To send me a private message, please click on my name/avatar -> then on the right side "Diesem Benutzer eine private Nachricht senden".

Best regards,

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