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Cancellation of Kabel contract

Dear Vodafone staff,


I sent a request through Check24 to open a Vodafone Kabel account. I was interested in the "Red Internet & Phone 32 Cable (Neukunden)". Today I received a phone call from a company saying that I have no cable access in my apartment and if I want it I need to pay them 13€ per month. I declined the offer. Now I have the following question: Is the contract from Vodafone automatically canceled, or do I have to send a letter to close it? In the latter case, could you please give me the address to where the letter should be sent? I sent the request for the line on the 10th of May, so I am still within the 14 days for the free-cancellation deadline.

Thank you for your help,



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Hello Pietro,


which company called and would like 13,- Euro from you? Do you only have internet & telephone or cable TV? Is the TV connection paid in the ancillary rental costs?


Regards Grit

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