Easybox problem!

Hello all,


Sorry for writing this in English  but I can not explain my self well enough in German, hope it's ok.



So where to begin.. my EasyBox 904 stopped working, I think 3 weeks ago, i have had 3 technichians here and no-one could find a problem.

I got a new Easybox today (Easybox 803 the old one),

I have activaded the modem installation code but then nothing happend - the modem just loops.

FIrst the on-button gets red for some seconds- then all lamps flashes for 1 sec - then the the on button gets blue and then it start all over - in a never ending loop.


I had the exact same problem with EasyBox 803 earlier this year - then I had to change it and got the newer on 904 - which was the one that stopped working just 3 weeks ago.


I really start to get desperate, and have been with out for internet for so long. Please can you help me? I have tried to call the customer service number but noone speaks english there.


thank you in advance!




Betreff: Easybox problem!


you should test the FritzBox 7490. This is the better one and really better than EasyBox.

you can also use the modem installation code for the FritzBox. It works.


If possible, try it. EasyBox is really bad and astable.


good luck



Betreff: Easybox problem!

I would love to have the FritzBox if it' so much better as you say!
What did you do to get the FritzBox? You just talked with Vodafone? Did you have to pay extra for that?

Thank you for your answer! Smiley (fröhlich)

Betreff: Easybox problem!

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I bought it myself at amazon, not via Vodafone. This way was much easier for me.


BTW, you can choose your Router via Vodafone, you have the option to choose the FritzBox. But the customer service is not really good and not customer-friendly enough to give you the choice for the FritzBox.


take a look:



Advantages of router freedom as of 1 August 2016

  • Free choice from best terminal devices for DSL, Cable, Fiber and LTE
  • Users benefit from all features and functions
  • No monthly rental costs for equipment or WiFi
  • Free updates for more features and security immediately available
  • Ensures privacy and full control over home network
  • Use of improved and faster connections
  • No need to pay for additional modem, wireless router, telephone system
  • All-in-one unit, no additional power consumption through cascaded devices



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Betreff: Easybox problem!

Thank you soo much for all your help!

The thing is that it's a bit expensive for me - but at least now I know what I want and need and I will try my best to get Vodafone to give me one..

Betreff: Easybox problem!

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@tessja you can get the Fritz!Box for 5€ rent per month if you have one of our new tariffs.


@Gabi_K - Our customers always have the choice between EasyBox or FRITZ!Box. Easybox is for free but you can order the FRITZ!Box for 5 Euro per month. To rent a FRITZ!Box you always need one of our new tariffs called Internet & Phone. By the way: Please respect our community-rules espacially 1.5!




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