EasyBox 802 -> Linksys EA4500


I'm sorry but I don't speak German and I need some help setting up my router Easybox 802 with second router EA4500. I looks like this:

DSL -> Easybox (as modem and for phone/fax service) -> Linksys EA4500 (for home PCs)


Here's a problem:

I have 16Mb/s connection on entrance (easybox) but when I connect LAN1 (easybox) to WAN (EA4500), transfer drops to 5-6Mb/s.. I try to setup MTU, turn off firewall, packet fragmentation etc. Nothings helps...


Maybe someone help me.



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Maybe your Linksys EA4500 only support 6Mibit. But Why you use an WAN-Router behind the Easybox? The Easybox is a Router.




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It's highend router and Linksys Customer Support tell me to contact with my provider about it... but anyone in vodafone don't speak english.. And why another router behind Easybox, beacuse Easybox can't handle heavy traffic inside my network and that's why I must use second router.

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Any one could help? Please, maybe someone from vodafone, it will be nice

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