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I'm trying to reach an English speaking customer support representative but can't seem to do so. I have called the hotline and was connected to a representative who told me to call the line again and say the word 'operator'. But that didn't work. I then called multiple times and each time the customer service representative couldn't speak English and told me to call the hotline again and select the English menu. BUT there is NO English menu. I tried to explain that in my boken German but without success. Finally, at the 8th or 9th attemp, a representative spoke English with me and told me she will connect me to technical support. She also said that if the guy from technical support doesn't speak English then let him connect you to the English support. Guess what. The guy didn't speak English and wouldn't connect me anywhere. He just said to call the hotline again and say 'operator' or select the English menu. Neither of which works. So, now I'm hoping a forum moderator or another user can help.


As of this morning, my router SSID isn't discoverable. The wifi red indicator on the router is on, but the network isn't discoverable. I can connect to the router and the internet using LAN but the WLAN doesn't seem to work. I changed my SSID and rebooted the router several times but that didn't work. I updated the firmware but that also didn't work. I tried from my mac and from the various smartphones and tablets we have at home, but still nothing. It is as if the wlan function of the router is not working dispite its red light being on.


I'm desperate for help. Could anyone please help me.


Many thanks

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Sorry, forgot to mention that the router is an easybox 803A.

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Hi marlu,

welcome to the Vodafone Community!


Did you try to reset the EasyBox? Also renaming the SSID might help.


If not, please send me a private message (click on my avatar -> Diesem Benutzer eine private Nachricht senden).


Please send your name, your customer number, your customer password and a phone number so I can call you back.



Jens (Moderator)

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Thank you Jens. I have sent you a private message.

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Hello! I am having issues with my Fritzbox.

F irst trouble, after a Certain time of the day, the speed gets slower and slower. I have done a speed test at 10pm and my download speed was 0.60Mb / s, and in the morning the same time shows a download speed of 190Mb / s. This problem has appeard a few days ago!  

Second problem, it seems that the Fritzbox has a conflict with Xbox One DNS wich does not allow some games to connect to multyplayer!

I hope you can give me a solutin to my probem. I have tryed to call for the service of the customer.

Thank you!

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