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Worst Customer Service, Vodafone DSL

Whomever wants to read this, I am so disappointed with Vodafone customer service

I have no internet connection since Friday (THis is not the 1st time and I lost Internet coneection for 2 weeks about 2 weeks ago) and I can not get help from Vodafone customer team

I could not speak German and so I need to rely on my high school daughter to translate my complaint and seek for assistance but nothing improved and waste my daughter's time to be on the call for hours.... and I finally threatend to cancel contract in English and suddenly lady started speaking English (She refused to say any word) and put me into another colleague but nothing works so far.

During weekend, Vodafone suggested to call mobile service to get mobile data credit to fill this service gap but I called mobile service team and they said that they cannot do anything due to cusotmer system is stopped during the weekend and I wasted my time again as well as my daugher.

Again, This morning I chcekd thes service and never be back and I lost all my mobile data packet to fill the gap and my DSL connection dropps avery 1 mins and need to reset the router but it is useless


I could not find any reason to stay in Vodafone customer while Vodafone service is really bad and customer service is bad, they got my monthly charge continuously


If I could not get any positive feebdack, I will write a letter and cancel the contract

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Hi shkim4dl,

i'm sorry that your landline isn't working properly.

Sadly there is no dedicated english hotline for dsl customers.
Most agents should be able to handle an english call though.

Last weekend some of our systems were upgraded, therefore for an short time agents had no access to customer data.

I understand that this is an unpleasant situation. If there is anything i could help you with, f.e. booking more lte traffic,send me a private message.
Therefore click on my name -> then "Diesem Benutzer eine private Nachricht senden" , i need atleast the dsl customernumber and mobilenumber via PM.

Kind regards,

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