Internet in Russia
I'm sorry, but I don't speak German. I bought an Vodafone chip to have internet during my trip, but today when I arrived in Russia it's not working. The signal is ok but it appears an exclamation mark "!" and the internet doesn't work. I can't contact Vodafone support as well. Does anyone know what I have to do to connect to the internet?
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Several questions:


  • Which CallYa plan did you activate?
  • Is there enough credit on your card?
  • Is "Roaming" activated in your phone?
  • Have you checked which roaming option you are using currently?
  • Which network are you using in Russia?
  • Do other travellers experience the same issue?



Ein Klick auf "Danke" tut nicht weh - ich sage schon mal "Dankeschee!"

Achtung, es folgt eine Signatur: Wenn überhaupt, dann jammern wir auf einem extrem hohen Niveau.

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