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Again! Once more I got charged for months for something I didn't ask for! AGAIN



Once more here I am unfortunately not to do a happy review to Vodafone. My experience with you it's being very painful and I can't wait to finish my contract with you. 


Out of curiosity I am checking my invoice and find out that for the last 6 months I've been charged between 11-16 eur monthly for something called Vodafone Musik or Vodafone Live.


I never asked for this, nor agree to get charged for something I'm not using or even know what it is. I was offered a "free" pass that was musik when I delusionally upgraded my contract thinking it would Be good. In the contrary i got secretly charged again...


I'm so tired of this whole business every 6 months there is always going on. I want my money back, and to confirm this won't be charged again. I tried to even cancelled but I couldn't find a way on my Vodafone settings. The best I could do is to cancel payment with my phone (which shouldn't be active by default btw)


If possible, if I would like information also in how to cancel this contract and how much I have to still pay. becuase I don't want to be overpaying for a service that is not even that good. 



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Hello JoshVC,


I will take a look at this and check it for you.


Please send me a private message with your mobile number and your customer password.


Best Regards


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