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Re: Google Pixel 6 Pro preorder

Hello everyone,

I want to preorder Google Pixel 6 Pro, but i don't live in Germany, but on October 28 I will come to Dresden. Can I write address of Vodafone shop in delivery address and pick up phone there for ex. ? 

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Hello @Mikita,


what exactly do you want to do?


Do you want to order the Google Pixel 6 Pro without a contract and only pick it up when you visit Dresden?


Or do you also need a mobile phone contract and move to Germany completely?


If you order a mobile phone without a contract, it cannot be delivered to the shop.


The mobile phone will then be delivered to your home by cash on delivery.


This is only possible within Germany.


If you conclude a mobile phone contract, you can specify the Vodafone shop for the identification procedure and also pick up the mobile phone directly there.


Best regards,



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